About Red Jack

Go ahead. Admit it. We’ve all had a little Jack in us at some point. He’s that mischievous alter-ego that lets us kick back and celebrate life in a “way outside the box style.”

Red Jack Wine Company was established in 2015 to champion that exuberance. We are not a stuffy winery by any measure. Our goal is to craft delicious, inexpensive wines that embrace a fun-loving lifestyle. Our current release includes a Chardonnay and a Red Blend. Look for us the next time you are in the wine aisle.

We at Red Jack are committed to sourcing some of the finest grapes in the country. Working hand-in-hand with the growers, we are able to select grapes that best match the styles of our affordable wines. After all this hard work to obtain the best grapes, it’s our pledge not to mess it up! In other words, these wines show best when not subjected to a great deal of oak aging and micro-blending. Less is more.

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Owner Kristin and Winemaker Brad showing their Red Jack spirit
Woman pouring a glass of Red Jack Wine

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